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The Fun doesn't stop


The 30th Anniversary Triangle Wine & Food Experience has come and gone, but our Buy-A-Seat series continues throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep the party going!


Milburnie 3.0

HERE, WE, GO! By popular demand, ALAN & EVELYN HUGHES, STEVE REYNOLDS, PAX MAHLE, and JAKE WOOD are getting everyone back together to celebrate MILBURNIE 3.0 on MAY 18TH, 2023! There is something undeniably special happening around these incredibly good people. It’s almost ethereal. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but we’re surely grateful for it! The modest charm of Milburnie Fishing Club, Alan & Evelyn’s southern hospitality, Steve’s allAmerican wholesomeness, Pax’s roguish charm, and Jake’s infectious enthusiasm melds into something that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Personalities aside, the product is equally enthralling. Large format selections from REYNOLDS FAMILY WINERY & PAX WINES, a spread from LAWRENCE BARBECUE so substantial it could almost be considered flagrant, live music, cold beer, rare bourbons…it’s no wonder this annual tradition is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year!

Friday, June 16th 2023

One Tequila, Two Tequila!

JOE PATTERSON and ‘COCKTAILS WITH KELLIE’ FALK are inviting you to a tequila tasting and dinner from the comfort of their own home. Join WILLIAM & COMPANY & LA VELADORA’S owner and mixologist, LILY BALLANCE, as she shares her passion for agave. William & Company boasts one of the state’s most impressive Latin American spirits list, while La Veladora serves over 80 impossible-to-find varietals of mezcal, tequilas and obscure agave spirits. Lily will teach everyone about the process behind creating agave spirits, from planting to growing to distilling and use a whole host of indigenous Mexican ingredients, showcasing their medicinal benefits. To accompany these magical mixes and spirits, indulge in the culinary genius of OSCAR DIAZ. Owner of CORTEZ SEAFOOD & COCKTAIL, Oscar is a James Beard nominee, putting his experiences, travels and tastes together to bring his culture and cuisine to Raleigh.


Pizza Pool Party with Pax!

PAX MAHLE, ANTHONY GUERRA, and BRIAN & ELIZA are ready to party AL FRESCO! What’s more northern California than wine tasting on the terrace? Hangout with Brian & Eliza as they host a wine-soaked late afternoon (into evening) slinging pizza by the pool. Pax is going to take everyone back in time to the year 2000 (his very first vintage!), guiding guests through a RETROSPECTIVE of PAX LIBRARY WINES spanning two decades. For anyone who doesn’t know Anthony, you’ve surely had his pizza! Not unlike wine, for Anthony, pizza is a way of life. Owner of OAKWOOD PIZZA BOX, he pays tribute to the same style of pizza he grew up eating on Friday nights in Long Island. From Michelin 3 stars to inner tube floats…Dip your toes in the water! Party with Pax and Anthony poolside. Don’t forget your bathing suits and towels. Nighttime swimming is the best!

August 10th - 13th 2023

Want Tequila Little Time?

STEVE REYNOLDS is a TWFE “lifer”, so you probably know him as the owner and winemaker of Reynolds Family Winery. Did you also know he’s a partner in the ultrapremium tequila brand, PENTA. PENTA is the first tequila produced using 100% blue agave sourced from all five of Mexico’s legally protected designation of origin states. It captures the terroir-driven magic typically associated with wine, combining it with centuries of history, and funneling it into a small batch, luxury tequila that epitomizes blending and balance. Steve is rightly excited about this project and he wants to share it with us, taking everyone lucky enough to get a ticket on a behind-the-scenes tour of his company’s production in, you guessed it, JALISCO MEXICO!