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Hosted By John & Jules Perkins

A Chef’s Life Comes to Raleigh

That Eastern North Carolina bloodline runs strong, and when Vivian Howard came home to Kinston to open Chef & The Farmer, Inez Ribustello made a beeline to greet her so they could share the trials and tribulations of running restaurants in their small, rural, hometowns.

An award-winning cookbook author, TV personality, chef and restaurateur, Vivian Howard has brought so much life and energy to the Carolinas. In addition to her sold-out Weekend at Viv’s, she also has started bringing Chef’s Table dining experiences back on a limited basis to the Chef & the Farmer location. As soon as Inez came on board as the Director of Hospitality for Frankie Lemmon, she was given the task of getting Vivian to come in as a Buy-A-Seat Chef. Vivian happily accepted, and within minutes, we found the wonderful Perkins to host the dinner at their home; Brian & Eliza to let Inez raid their cellar for gems to pair with Vivian’s food, and lo and behold, one bright star of a dinner was born.

For those of you who have been fans of Viv and want to be anywhere close to Vivian’s orbit, this is the dinner you have been waiting for. Feel the energy of this celebrity chef as she cooks the cuisine of her Deep Run roots and allows her ENC friend Inez to pick the wines she loves so dearly on MARCH 1ST, 2024!