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Hosted By Brian McHenry & Eliza Kraft Olander

Champagne & Caviar, Yes Please!

ELIZA KRAFT OLANDER’s taste in Champagne spans not just the Grand Marques and the Tete de Cuvees, but even the cult grower whose production is miniscule but mighty. Because she is wise and tasteful, Eliza also understands how to really make Champagne sing at the table, and that, my friends, is when it is drunk with Caviar.

STEVEN DEVEREAUX GREENE, four-time James Beard Award Semifinalist and Executive Chef at Herons in the Umstead Hotel & Spa, finds great joy in procuring specialty roe from the finest sturgeons in the world, and the ones he selects for this heavenly evening will be the finest you have ever tasted. Because he is a master at his trade, expect other culinary delights to compliment the Champagne and the caviar.

This is a night that dreams are made of, and the magic you will experience imbibing the most hedonistic elixir in the world paired with one of the finest delicacies of the sea will transport you to a place you didn’t know existed.

And not to be missed, be sure there will be a wine opened that night that very few people have tasted!