O-KU Sushi raleigh

With Au Bon Climat

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Au Bon Climat

Au Bon Climat Winery

Founded in 1982, Au Bon Climat (which means “a well-exposed vineyard”) produces internationally-recognized Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc wine from grapes grown in California’s Santa Barbara County.   The Au Bon Climat winery is located on the world-famous Bien Nacido Vineyard, and is owned by winemaker Jim Clendenen. 

Clendenen Family Vineyards

Jim also established the Clendenen Family Vineyards brand. Under this brand, Jim makes small, artisan lots of distinctive wines. By using smaller lots, he focuses on a wider spectrum of varieties, which are allowed to remain in their barrels until they are deemed complete. One such wine under Clendenen Family Vineyards is Jim’s Nebbiolo that remains in its barrel for five years. Each wine is nuanced, long lived, food-friendly and contains firm acidities and moderate alcohol. Come experience these distinctive, adult style wines from Jim Clendenen

We welcome our friends from the “other south.”



O-ku Sushi Raleigh

O-Ku Sushi Raleigh celebrates authentic Asian cuisine with a southern approach, providing a dining experience that focuses on unique ingredients and sophisticated presentations. From petite plates to sushi specialties to contemporary robata-style dishes, executive chef Boi Phomsopha showcases the freshest fish from the worldís finest markets in areas such as Norway, Scotland, Hawaii and New Zealand, as well as local sustainable sources.

Inspired by sister restaurants in Atlanta, Charleston, S.C., Charlotte, N.C. and Washington D.C., O-Kuís menu provides a fresh and innovative take on traditional Japanese sushi and cuisine. Located in the Warehouse District of downtown Raleigh, the restaurant offers rare and unique dining options with traditional sashimi and specialty rolls, highlighting seafood from the finest fish markets in Tokyo and Hawaii alongside local and seasonal ingredients.

Reminiscent of traditional Japanese culture, O-Kuís menu is comprised of signature starters, contemporary Japanese entrees and seasonal traditional sushi that reflect the uniquely designed space. The beverage program is built around quality ingredients that celebrate Japanese culture and Raleighís best purveyors with a sophisticated blend of specialty cocktails along with premium sake, wine and local beer selections.

Located at The Dillon, O-Ku Sushi brings a vibrant dining experience to one of downtown Raleighís transforming spaces.

Chef Boi Phomsopha is the executive chef of O-Ku Raleigh.