ANGUS BARN, alice Room

With Tête de Cuvée Champagnes (Champagnes Delamotte, Jacquart, G.H. Mumm, Palmer, Perrier-Jouët, Pommery and Roederer)

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Champage Delamonte

This is the golden rule in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, where Champagne Delamotte was founded in 1760. If Delamotte is one of the five oldest champagne houses, it is because we respect the traditions, we are dedicated to flavour and we craft our wines in the heart of the legendary Côte des Blancs terroir. This location is one of the richest assets of Delamotte. The chalky soil, the flora and the vines growing on the hillsides give the grapes their exceptional character, delivering delicate, consistent champagnes. Delamotte is all about claiming this terroir, drawing the best from it with complete respect for the vines and the environment.


Champagne GH Mumm

G. H. Mumm is one of the leading international champagne brands and Champagne producers. G.H. Mumm is situated in Reims in northern France and is owned by Pernod Ricard. The palette of this champagne keeps things fresh with a healthy dose of citrus and juicy stone fruit, balanced out by a rich, toasty hit of fresh baked bread—the perfect champagne for sipping all day long.


Champagne Jacquart

Champagne Jacquart is a young champagne house with a more modern and relaxed approach to champagne; making small moments in life special: leaving the ordinary to add a little joy to life. A mosaic of flavors and aromas, both big and small! A range of vineyard terroirs, the focus on Chardonnay in their blends and the extended ageing of their wines encapsulate a unique and contemporary style: fresh, graceful, refined. 


Champagne Palmer & Co.

Expression of a very special art combining technical precision with harmony, the Champagne Palmer & Co style is characterized by its elegance and balance. It is expressed fully after a long maturing period in their chalk cellars 18 meters below the ground.  Dominated by the freshness and purity of its Chardonnays, their champagne style is seductive through its precision and clarity.  The grace and power of the Pinot Noir, the generosity of the Pinot Meunier and the significant contribution made by reserve wines confer a rich fullness. 


Champagne Perrier Perrier-Jouët

A refined and subtle blend of charm and elegance. The multiple facets of each wine reveal a broad aromatic palette and a subtle persistence. Floral & intricate: the hallmark of wines from the House of Perrier-Jouët. An exceptional vineyard, including the best plots on the Côte des Blanc, giving the chardonnays that are predominant in the House’s champagnes all the richness of their floral aroma. A style passed down through the years, in the secrecy of the House Cellars by the Cellar Master, expert in their craftsmanship.


Champagne Pommery

The variety of grapes used in Pommery’s champagnes, the quality of the annual harvest, the selection of vintages for blends, the time spent ageing in the cellar… so many parameters and so much care add nuance to the flavours. Pommery operates according to a foundational principle: the selection of vintages that make up the blend, fused and aged over a long period of time in the cellar—and not the dosage—must be the source of the wines’ distinctive characteristics. Brut Royal blends together nearly forty different Champagne vintages. Millésimé is made from seven 100% grands crus. Cuvée Louise, the most refined vintage, is a blend of three of the most delicate grands crus. 


Champagne Louis Roederer

Louis Roederer works with the rhythm of Nature and tames the terroir, without forcing it. This intimate union creates a rough draft, put into motion and honed by Man and then softened and fine-tuned by time. The Louis Roederer estate cultivates the 3 traditional grape varieties: Chardonnay is appreciated for its minerality, finesse, and elegance; Pinot noir’s solid constitution adds structure to the blends and prepares them for ageing; Pinot Meunier is a slightly less refined sweet grape variety, whose adaptability brings harmony and softness to certain cuvées.


Angus Barn

The Angus Barn has been in service to the Triangle for nearly half a century. The rustic red barn has been praised highly through its many awards. It is consistently ranked by national trade publications as one of the 100 best restaurants in the country; Southern Living calls it a “one-of-a-kind scene.” In addition to helping the Frankie Lemmon Foundation through the annual Wine Maker Dinners, the Angus Barn also supports mental health through their non-profit organization, The Foundation for Hope.

“Iron Chef America” Walter Royal: Alabama-born Walter Royal, Executive Chef of the Angus Barn and Pavilion, knew at the formative age of 14 that he wanted to spend his life exemplifying the southern way of spreading irresistible food before guests.  Although his mind may be totally focused on pleasing guests, his imagination is always soaring thinking of new ideas. And soar it did when Walter was asked to be appear as a guest chef on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”. Back at the Barn, Walter shares his wisdom in his well-known forum “Walter’s Teaching Kitchen,” a monthly class during which the public has a chance to learn and to interact with this brilliantly imaginative chef. Although awards, distinctions and recognition carry weight and great importance, there is no value that can be placed on Walter’s contributions to the Angus Barn. Any chef who can run two main kitchens, the gourmet wine cellar kitchen, The Pavilion catering kitchen and a kitchen team of 150, and do it all in a way that would make his grandmother smile, is worth his weight in gold.