Crawford & Son

With Arkenstone Vineyards

Sponsored by John Alan & Aimee Jones


Arkenstone Vineyards

Arkenstone Vineyards was founded in 1988 when proprietors Ron and Susan Krausz purchased their unique Howell Mountain AVA property. The majority of the vineyards were planted in 1998, with additional planting taking place in 2009.  Arkenstone produces all of their wine on the Estate, entirely below ground, in state-of-the-art winery caves.  Their first release, after patiently waiting for the vineyards to reach maturity, was the 2006 Vintage.

Jake Krausz is the Estate Director of Arkenstone Vineyards – producing highly rated reds and whites from premium Howell Mountain fruit – Jake turned his passion for quality & his refined palate toward the pursuit of a rosé that can stand with and next to California’s great wines.

With the goal of producing the best wine possible from this beautiful site, they chose to become a true Domain Estate, where the underground winery, completed in 2008, along with the Estate vineyards planted primarily in 1998, allow them total control over all aspects of winemaking.   In making this decision, they were thinking foundationally and long term, taking into account the stewardship that would be necessary to support thriving vineyards and a healthy ecosystem throughout the ranch for many years to come. 

You will hear winemakers say that paying attention to detail is critical, but Sam Kaplan, Arkenstone Winemaker takes it to another level. In the caves at Arkenstone, he has the luxury to do just that.  In 2006, Sam met Ron and Susan Krausz and was offered the opportunity to help create their dream –a new winery called Arkenstone up on a spectacular shoulder property of Howell Mountain. 

As Winemaker and overseer of the vineyards, Sam maintains the integrity and quality of Arkenstone wine.  The depth, complexity, and balance of the wines are evidence of the tremendous breadth of his abilities. Passionate about organic farming, he loves spending time walking the vineyards with the crews, taking note of the tiniest details that ultimately shape each vintage.  The maxim that Sam lives by: “Make the best damn wine possible and have fun doing it.”


Crawford & Son

Crawford & Son will be the first in a string of new projects that will be housed under the newly-formed Crawford Hospitality Group. Scott Crawford said the 60-seat eatery is a “representation of all those things that are most important to me: family, community, neighborhood and seasonality.”

Crawford and Son is a casual neighborhood restaurant, located in historic Oakwood, which serves straight forward, honest food that ranges from the familiar to the unexpected. They strive to deliver depth of flavor with purposeful ingredients through chef Scott Crawford’s product-driven approach and through a balance of classical and modern technique. Our team consists of creative, energetic, like-minded individuals – including general manager Melissa Kirchberg, chef de cuisine Bret Edlund, pastry chef Krystle Swenson and bar manager Taylor Homes – whose day to day work produces an undeniable chemistry within the restaurant.