Margaux’s Restaurant

With Peay Vineyards

Sponsored by Anthony & Heater Krasznai


Peay Vineyards

Peay Vineyards make wine from grapes grown in their vineyard located in the northern section of West Sonoma Coast.   They produce small quantities of each wine, some under 100 cases. 
Ever taken a sip of a wine and stopped dead in your tracks? Felt it engage your belly and then seep up into your brain? That is the experience they seek to create for consumers of Peay wines. Those wines almost universally come from estate wineries. The people who walk the land, make the wine. They live with their vineyard and know it intimately. You can almost taste the vineyard, the history and the personalities of the people behind those wines. That is what makes them unique. That is what arrests you as you distractedly take a sip, “Hey, what is this?” 
To make a wine that captures a sense of a place and a people it is necessary to allow the vineyard to speak. Every decision Peay makes is driven by a desire to let the vineyard show in their wines. 
Over a bottle of Château Beaucastel and a rack of lamb, Nick Peay convinced Andy Peay to pursue a life in wine. They had spent the spring of 1995 listening to old jazz records and brewing beer. Nick would bring the wine for dinner and Andy, since he was trying to figure out if maybe he wanted to be a chef, would cook. One evening while washing down a bite of lamb with a perfectly paired wine Andy’s brain lit up like a Christmas tree. Forget life as a chef. Wine! A life in wine is the future. 
Prior to that time, Andy had received his BA from Dartmouth College in 1992 and, upon graduation, spent a few years on Wall Street as a financial analyst. After leaving banking by way of trekking through Southeast Asia for a year, Andy studied economic development at UC Berkeley. That spring, Andy traveled to various wine regions and enrolled in the OIV Wine Marketing Summer Session at UC Davis. He continued to pursue his interest in wine by working the 1995 harvest at Cain Vineyards in Napa. By this time, Andy was hooked and moved to San Francisco to learn about the retail end of wine at The Jug Shop. During that time, Andy and Nick searched for land to grow cool climate Pinot noir and Syrah. They purchased their land on the Sonoma Coast in late 1996. 
While looking for a potential vineyard site and preparing to plant, Andy received an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Upon graduation Nick and Andy co-managed the planting of the first 30 acres. The isolation of the Coast proved to be hard and cash was getting low so Andy moved back to San Francisco to work as a brand manager for a gourmet food company, Napa Valley Kitchens, and as a brand strategy consultant with The Brand Consultancy. 
In 2004, Andy very happily returned full time to Peay Vineyards to run the business and sell the wine. He feels very lucky to share a vision for making high quality wine with an intelligent, hard working winegrower and an exceptional winemaker who also happen to be his brother and sister-in-law. 


Margaux’s Restaurant

At Margaux’s Restaurant in Raleigh we combine our ever-changing menu, a flair for impeccable service, and an energetic ambiance with a progressive decor resulting in an unforgettable dining experience for those from near and far for the last 25 years.

We say it is the Perfect Fusion of a High-Energy Metropolis and Soulful Southern Hospitality. You’ll say it’s Downright Awesome!  Come be a part of the dining experience and understand why we still stand strong after all these years. In addition to their ever-changing menu, the Raleigh restaurant hosts additional private dining rooms and a large array of artwork.

Chef de Cuisine Andrew Pettifer, born and raised in South London, received his culinary training in four corners of the world. After receiving his standard trade certification, Pettifer worked in the kitchen of Blake’s Hotel in London. Wanting to widen his standard knowledge of international cuisine, he went on to travel the globe with stops in Bali, Brazil and Australia. Finally settling in Australia, he worked in various Sydney restaurants and catering companies.

In 1996, Pettifer moved to North Carolina and joined Margaux’s staff as Chef de Cuisine. Influenced by his international training, Pettifer transformed Margaux’s menu from strictly French to a delightful fusion of French, Southern, and Asian cuisines. He continues to improve on the menu by capitalizing on his deep belief in simple, fresh ingredients. While he prides himself in being able to change the restaurant’s menu to fit the times, he has been able to strike a perfect balance between what’s new in the business and what customers have enjoyed for years.