PRIVATE HOME IN north raleigh

With Stonestreet Estate Vineyards 

Sponsored by Dr. Kenneth and Pamela Adler


Stonestreet Estate Vineyards 

Stonestreet Estate Vineyards is the story of a family’s vision to defy the limits of California winegrowing. Jess Stonestreet Jackson and Barbara Banke established the estate in 1995.  

Stonestreet is one of the most expansive and multi-faceted mountain vineyards in the world and produces a distinctive collection of single vineyard wines — powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, soulful Chardonnay and electric Sauvignon Blanc. The Jackson family acts as stewards of the land, caring for this 5,500 acre mountain estate that towers high above the Alexander Valley in the Mayacamas Mountain Range. Ranging 400ft to 2,400ft in elevation, the estate showcases a dramatic array of mesoclimates on peaks, valleys and ledges.  

 Winemaker Lisa Valtenbergs uses artisanal winemaking practices — fruit is harvested by hand, Chardonnays undergo native yeast fermentation and Cabernets are fermented in upright French oak tanks to tame tannins — that ensure the best expression of mountain terroir. The resulting wine is dynamic and intensely flavorful with bold structural integrity and the distinctive flavor profile of the Mayacamas Mountain Range’s Black Mountain.  


Private Home in North Raleigh

Dr. Kenneth and Pamela Adler have graciously agreed to host a dinner at their home in North Raleigh.  The address for this dinner will be provided to those who purchase tickets.