Michael Fojtasek

Michael Fojtasek opened his inaugural restaurant, Olamaie, in August of 2014. It was the culmination of a lifetime spent appreciating the power food has to bring people together around a table. As a child, he discovered the draw of cooking watching his mother and grandmother, “Big Ola,” prepare meals, eventually working beside them. A stint […]

Kevin Fink

Executive Chef Kevin Fink is the owner of six nationally renowned restaurants in Austin, TX: Emmer & Rye, Hestia, Kalimotxo, Henbit, TLV, and Canje. Fink’s culinary career began 15 years ago, but his love for food, restaurants, and hospitality developed at an early age, when he would trail after his father, learning the ins and […]

Joe Beddia

Joe Beddia is the chef-owner of Pizzeria Beddia, named the best pizza in America by Bon Appétit. He lives in Philadelphia. Joe has written a cookbook, Pizza Camp, makes wine, and enjoys traveling to erotic places.