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Marked Tree Vineyard

The Spirit of Marked Tree is about finding your path. Early in American history settlers noticed oddly shaped, bent trees in the landscape. These odd, shaped trees were formed and created by Native Americans to be guideposts on your path through the wilderness, a guide to water, a guide to food, a guide to hunting […]

Château Troplong Mondot

Born into a large family of winemakers and cognac distillers, it was only natural that Aymeric de Gironde crossed the Atlantic Ocean and settled down in New York as an embassador for the cognac brand, Hennessy. Upon his return to France eight years later, he joined the champagne company, Krug, to develop the name across […]

Hourglass Winery

Jeff Smith had the unique experience of growing up around many prominent families who transformed Napa Valley into a world-class wine region. From perspective, he noticed a shift in the early ‘90s toward small production, terroir driven, estate wines. Following his father’s lost battle to cancer, Jeff cut short his pursuit of a music career […]

The Fearrington House

Fearrington is a community located on a historic farm 8 miles south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  At the heart of Fearrington is the Village Center, with boutique shops, gourmet restaurants, a spa and an independent bookstore surrounded by extensive gardens and pastures.  The Fearrington House Inn & Restaurant offers fine dining & lodging, and […]

Zakin Family Estate

Our goal is to create a wine with the beauty and subtly of the land and the environment- the climate, soil, and location from which it comes.  We hope to enhance the enjoyment of our patrons and provide an experience that is memorable and long lasting. Before we purchased the property in 1998, it had […]

Paula Kornell Sparkling Wines

Reviving a Napa Valley tradition begun by her father, pioneering winemaker Hanns Kornell of Hanns Kornell Champagne Cellars, Paula Kornell is carrying on the family legacy in her own inimitable way with Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine. Paula is a fourth-generation sparkling wine producer who is redefining tradition with wines that are affordable, delicious and fun, […]


In 2004, I moved to the Priorat region in Spain to start the winery for a group of partners who had purchased a vineyard there. Over the next three years of living there full-time and then traveling back and forth from Napa Valley, I became steeped in the culture, lifestyle, food and wines. My husband, […]


As director of marketing for Donelan Family Wines, Cushing Donelan brings diverse experience in brand development and entertainment production to his role. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Cushing saw the opportunity to enhance the evolution of his family’s winery and create new partnerships. “I love the familial aspect of Donelan Family Wines,” says […]

Vineyard 36

Every bottle has a story, every bottle shared will create a story of its own. At Vineyard 36 we are more than a winery, we are a product of passion, a business with purpose. Everything we do and all that we have created has been based on the friendships we have built and the passion […]

Simon Family Estate

After nearly forty years passionately pursuing a love of wine across regions and continents, the Simonfamily have embarked upon their own path as vintners in their second home, the Napa Valley. Fortwenty years the Simons have been quietly cultivating their knowledge of farming and winemaking inpreparation to craft wines of pedigree and meaning to share […]