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Adé Carrena

Raleigh, NC
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Adé is a Chef and storyteller who specializes in Neo-West African cuisine. Her mission is to bridge cultural gaps, reimagine West African food and create safe spaces for an important conversation that inspire healing across the diaspora.

Through her business Donou Cuisine, Adé has spent the last 5 years curating culinary experiences to highlight Black Foodways, exchange culture and support local Black Farmers. She is the founder and owner of iLéWA Foods, an innovative CPG Brand that is creating economic opportunity and empowering women producers in West Africa.

They source their ingredients from women entrepreneurs and small holder farmers across West Africa in hopes of building a more equitable future for us all by creating a socioeconomic exchange between powerful women and global markets.

When she isn’t hosting farm to table dinners, you can find her on her food truck ”Dounou” serving up authentic Beninese street food in Raleigh, NC.