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Andia Xouris

Raleigh, NC
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How did Andia’s Ice Cream become a multi-award winner? It starts with education and a commitment to quality. Andia & George Xouris, co-owners of Andia’s Ice Cream, are proud graduates of The Frozen Dessert Institute. Andia, a Grand Master Ice Cream Maker, continues to grow her knowledge through the North American Ice Cream Association, learning about upcoming trends and flavors, and honing her skills by annually competing nationally in dairy contests, putting her new creations to the test. She believes in partnering with an ethical dairy co-op, and working with other local small businesses to source their ingredients whenever possible. Their three retail shops, located in midtown Raleigh and two in Cary, serve scoops, their famous Andia’s milkshakes, and specialty items including ice cream flights, ice cream brûlée cups, and more. If not local, find them on where they ship their most famous creations nationwide!