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Napa Valley
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Our roots run deep into the Stags Leap soil. We fell in love with our home ranch in 1998, and our fascination with Cabernet Sauvignon has never diminished. As stewards of the land and keepers of the grape, we can cultivate, shape, caress and coax cooperation from the vines, but ultimately, they are a wild thing, natural and independent and the joy comes from the awareness that we are beholden to nature’s timeless story.

We thrive on diversity and our portfolio reflects this with wines from our three estate vineyards: Stella Knight Vineyard in Calistoga, Stags Leap Estate Winery & Vineyard in the Stags Leap District and Honey B Vineyard in Carneros. Our curiosity drives us to explore new regions and each year we curate a selection of wines entitled The Thomas Collection produced from either estate and purchased fruit. Everything that we create comes from our singular desire to consume exceptional wines with friends and family.

Wine summons us to gather together to share in the tradition of storytelling which we embrace as a method to pass on our customs, history and heritage through the generations. The energy, the connection to one another, the desire to listen and then to retell the tale, creates the framework for an enduring legacy. We believe that within each of us lives a legacy, a story waiting to be told. We welcome the opportunity to share our picturesque Stags Leap property with others who seek a refuge from the hectic pace of everyday living because stories, like wine, are meant to be shared.

Thomas, Brenda & Michael Baldacci