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Bedrock Wine Co.

Sonoma Valley, California
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Chris Cottrell, was born in Staten Island, New York and in later years ventured to Manhattan for college to study law. While in school, he landed a job as a stock and delivery boy at Pet Wines. There, he met Morgan, his future partner in crime. After a few years at Pet Wines, Chris worked at Crush Wine Co. from 2005 to 2013, diverging from his original plans to pursue law school, to become a full-time fine wine buyer and salesperson. While working in the fast-paced wine industry in NYC, Chris occasionally flew out to California to help Morgan with harvest at Bedrock Wine Co., where he learned the essence of winemaking. In 2011, a casual conversation sparked the birth of their joint project, Under The Wire, focusing on single-vineyard, single-vintage sparkling wines inspired by the grower champagne movement. As the first vintage of Under the Wire matured in bottles, Chris decided to officially join Bedrock Wine Co. and moved out to California in 2013. Sacrificing a goat and pledging allegiance to Joel Peterson, the Godfather of Zinfandel, Chris became a partner at Bedrock Wine Co., marking a significant milestone for the business. The company, and friendship, has only grown since.