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Evening Land Vineyards

Dundee, Oregon

Stewardship of the Land 

Healthy vineyards create thriving ecosystems. In short, when the vines are farmed properly, the organisms that live amongst them — including plants, animals, and human beings — flourish, too. 
Vineyard Sensitivity 

After countless years of farming the same site, we’ve found that being in tune with its unique idiosyncrasies is the best way to create terroir-specific wines. We believe that in addition to farming organically, implementing biodynamic principles, and using little to no sulfur, having discernment for vineyard sensitivity is key. 

To us, vineyard sensitivity incorporates understanding a site’s unique aspect, altitude, daily amount of sunlight, average annual rainfall, soil pH, row direction, and beyond. At Seven Springs, we’ve learned that our soils have a very high moisture content, despite thriving in a rather hot and sunny climate, due to its composition. Because of the soils’ high clay content, water from spring rainfalls is thus retained within them, eschewing the need for any form of irrigation during the warm summer season. 

These complexities – solar radiation, angle of the sun, moisture, wind direction, and beyond – determine our viticultural decisions at Evening Land Vineyards. Organic and biodynamic practices are highly valued, though to us, this is simply scratching the surface. We believe that mastering a deeper overall comprehension of a site is what ultimately leads to better expression of place in the wines it births, which is of course, what we are after.