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Hundred Acre

Napa Valley, CA
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Jayson Woodbridge didn’t just want to make wine, he set out on a mission: to make a Cabernet Sauvignon that stood among the very best or not at all. He started with the location. Several winegrowing regions were considered, but eventually Napa Valley was the clear choice. It was because of the light. The sheer beauty of Napa was special. Having explored many of the world’s greatest regions, Napa just felt right—100 percent right. In 1998, Jayson was ready to do what he was preordained to do. He sold his house, his business, and just about everything else, and set out to put his mark on the world of wine. Exacting and unrelenting in his passions, for Jayson there is no halfway; when you truly grasp that concept, you begin to understand how Hundred Acre has become one of the world’s top wineries