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Lerner Project

Napa Valley, California
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It takes a combination of talents and passions to make a great wine. What ends up in the glass is never a solo effort. At Lerner Project, the team is small, but they share a huge passion for translating the authentic characteristics of vine, soil and climate – the terroir of Napa Valley – into wines that bear the Lerner Project label. They accomplish this with mutual dedication and patience, one bottle at a time. 

Proprietor Stu Lerner has spent the last four decades nurturing his deep appreciation for the great vineyards and wines of Napa Valley. He has shared his journey over the years with his wife, Karen, along with their friends and family. More recently, alongside winemaker and business partner Russell Bevan, the Lerners have turned their dream of their own Napa Valley winery into reality. 

“I’ve had a passion for Napa Valley wines for such a long time that if I was ever to make my own, I wanted to try to make the best wine in the world.” – Stu Lerner