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Marked Tree Vineyard

Hendersonville, North Carolina
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The Spirit of Marked Tree is about finding your path.

Early in American history settlers noticed oddly shaped, bent trees in the landscape. These odd, shaped trees were formed and created by Native Americans to be guideposts on your path through the wilderness, a guide to water, a guide to food, a guide to hunting – a navigation system.

In 2015 Lance Hiatt and Tim Parks were in search of our own path, a Marked Tree. We wanted a place where all our families’ different paths could cross and converge. Our passion for farming, meeting new people, creating new experiences and of course WINE led us here.

Marked Tree Vineyard is located on the Eastern Continental Divide between Mt. Pisgah and Tryon Peak in Flat Rock, North Carolina, in the AVA Crest of the Blue Ridge, Henderson County. With two locations; 623 Deep Gap Road in Flat Rock and a downtown Asheville location – 14 Aston Street.

2023 will be our fifth vintage.

The winery is collecting a library of wines that can tell a story without us even having to talk. The Gruner, for example, has been one of our biggest challenges. Each year we have made changes in the vineyard and the winery, opening the canopy, thinning the clusters, and calculating the BRIX. Each vintage has been different: pushing, moving towards our goal of the highest quality and expression of Gruner.

So, whether you are sipping wine on the Continental Divide or tasting wines by the ghost house, a marked tree is about enjoying your path. Marked Tree is a point along the road, a moment to reflect, a marker in life.