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Mason Hereford

New Orleans, LA
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Mason Hereford is the chef and owner of Turkey and the Wolf, a counter serviceonly joint that Food & Wine and Esquire listed as one of the most important restaurants of the decade, and Bon Appetit named the Best New Restaurant in America in 2017. He also owns Molly’s Rise and Shine, a breakfast spot nearby that Food & Wine named one of the ten Best New Restaurants in America in 2020.

His cookbook, Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans, became a New York Times Bestseller, after the first shipment spent months lost at sea.

Mason, Turkey and the Wolf restaurant, the cookbook, and his co-chefs at Molly’s Rise and Shine that recently joined him as partners, have all separately pulled the wool over the ol’ eyes of the James Beard Foundation and received award nominations.

He recently partnered with the co-chef of Turkey and the Wolf, Philip Cenac, and his wonderful wife, Lauren Agudo to open a new restaurant called Hungry Eyes. They serve deluxe drinking food, zippy wines, and lipstick smeared martinis in a little spot on Magazine Street in New Orleans that looks like an 80s night club and nail salon had a lovechild. It’s brand new, so it received a little extra razzle dazzle in the bio.

Mason was born and raised on rollerblades and gas station food in rural Virginia. He was once appeared in a mayonnaise commercial that plays on actual TV. He knows Guy Fieri and Jennifer Coolidge. He currently lives in New Orleans and will never leave.