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Matt Kelly

Mateo Tapas, Mothers and Sons, Saint James Seafood, Nanas

Matt Kelly has been a well known chef in the triangle for over 25 years.  Getting his start at Vin  Rouge, he took his passion for culture and cuisine and opened Mateo Tapas in the early 2000’s.  Mateo has gone on to become one of the most well known and recognized restaurants in the  triangle area, known for its tasteful combination of traditional spanish tapas culture, with hints  and influences of southern cuisine found all around the region.  Matt has continued to help  develop talent within his organization as well, partnering with chef Josh DeCarolis to open  Mother’s and Son’s, honoring Josh’s fond memories of the traditional Italian food his  grandmother prepared for him as a child.  Matt’s unorthodox style has made him a well loved  part of his community, and he continues to work with a number of charitable organizations to  provide support to a number of causes.