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Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar

Raleigh, NC

Mulino provides a dining experience that takes the curious on a richly rewarding gastronomic journey across the Italian culinary landscape and rewards the intrepid adventurer with simple yet sumptuous cuisine, wines, and a complementary culinary education in the history of Italian cuisine all in a very cozy environment. 

Among other important things, the traveler learns that Italian cuisine is local, seasonal, healthy, and versatile – spanning many styles and iterations, including variations on the same dishes. With the little spicy pasta Arrabiatta versus Zingara or Putanesca here; and Amatriciana with Bucatini or with spaghetti there, Mulino serves dishes that span Italy’s vast culinary landscape and tastes. 

Pleasantly surprised, the traveler learns that there is no penne alla vodka or Alfredo sauce in the Italian kitchens; that the carbonara is made of egg yolk and cheese; that some dishes vary from one region to another; and, most important, that the philosophical and fundamental tenants of Italian cuisine are: great ingredients, great techniques, authentic recipes. 

With a keen focus on “having fun with the menu,” Mulino is designed to be the home that one finds when one travels; and a place where friends and family come to enjoy delicious food and libations in our historic Melrose Knitting Mill in the heart of downtown Raleigh.