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RAEN Winery

Sebastopol, California
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Founded by 4th generation winegrowers Carlo & Dante Mondavi in 2013, RAEN is a pinot noir domaine
rooted in the rugged, remote terrain of the true Sonoma Coast.

Pronounced “rain”, the name reminds us that wine was rain first. It only becomes wine in the vineyards
after being filtered by the rocks taken back up by the vines and sweetened by the sun. The unique spelling is the winery’s society and ethos: Research in Agriculture and Enology Naturally. Carlo & Dante consider themselves winegrowers, not winemakers, a term inspired by their grandfather Robert and father, Tim.

RAEN’s monopole vineyards are farmed with the utmost respect for Mother Earth and in unison with
nature; in the cellar, the delicate expression and microflora of the vineyard is through whole cluster, native fermentations, gentle oak aging, and bottling unfined and unfiltered.

RAEN’s limited production bottlings, three pinot noirs and two chardonnay, are wines of elegance and
finesse, hailing from ‘grand cru’ quality vineyards within the Sonoma Coast, and capable of sitting among the world’s finest.