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Raleigh, NC
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Vidrio is the bold vision of restauranteur Lou Moshakos. Built on the philosophy of “love is the most important ingredient,” Vidrio is a family dream years in the making.

As a native of Lykovrisi, Greece, Lou is the son of farmers living off the bounty of the land. Meals highlighted fresh fish, slow roasted meat, village olive oil, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and most importantly, family. When Lou speaks of his family, it is always centered around the table and filled with laughter, stories, and love.

This communal tradition of dining and sharing is captured in the essence of Vidrio. Vidrio embraces the Mediterranean dining philosophy – rooting it in the respect for the ingredient, the nourishment of food for our bodies and to use the time around the table to reconnect with each other. Making dining the occasion to gather together.

And, no Mediterranean meal is complete without wine or olive oil. With 50 wines on tap and over 300 bottles, the variety of wine is sure to please. As an added detail, Vidrio imports the purest Greek olive oil from Lou’s village. Vrisi 36 olive oil completes every dish with the highest regard to the excellent health benefits of this liquid gold.

Vidrio is an open window into the Mediterranean. Sharing plates both large and small are made with the freshest ingredients allowing the flavor to shine. Handcrafted seasonal cocktails with exotic spirits are exciting and delightful. The vibrant, modern environment is visually mesmerizing and filled with warm, personal hospitality. These touches speak to the patience, creative vision and hard work of Lou Moshakos and his attention to detail to bring this ode to the Mediterranean to Raleigh.