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Vineyard 36

Napa, California
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Every bottle has a story, every bottle shared will create a story of its own.

At Vineyard 36 we are more than a winery, we are a product of passion, a business with purpose.

Everything we do and all that we have created has been based on the friendships we have built and the passion that we share.

Founded by Cam Ward, Tim Gleason and Jason Earnest – V36 takes its name from a combination of the former numbers that Ward and Gleason wore when they were teammates at the Carolina Hurricanes. Through their determined sportsman mindset and passion for a perfect glass of wine, they have teamed up with Earnest, as well as Keith Emerson, to create truly unique wines that highlight and pay homage to the superb winemaking of the Napa Valley Region.

Discipline, persistence, dedication, and a competitive spirit are all prerequisites for success.

It is those components that have gotten us to this moment. Passion becomes contagious when shared and once our team begins to bring a plan to fruition, the sparkling greatness, the team spirit that arrises is truly transcendent.

Our team is built on a desire for something more. From our vineyard through to production, we are determined and driven for greatness, for leaving a legacy, for setting the standard for wonderful wines.  Our lack of complacency is what will keep the V36 name developing and our results better every single time.  Vineyard 36 has a passion for perfection, a dedication to the art of great winemaking.