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Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing

Raleigh, NC
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For years, the scenic patio on Boylan Bridge has provided an unrivaled vantage point over our dear city. Many of us experienced milestones here, ingraining it as a special place in our community. 

Raleigh residents had yearned for the restaurant on the hill to reach its potential, and we are honored to be the ones at the helm. At Wye Hill, it’s our mission to foster an inclusive environment for righteously good people, plates, and pours. 

Enduring the COVID certainly shifted our perspective on how we envision our future. We feel strongly about building a hospitality company that focuses on the intrinsic value of human connection, the opportunity for our team to move forward in their professional journeys, and providing damn delightful food and drink. Moving forward, it became clear that the best way to share a piece of Wye Hill with the greater community is through our beer.  

We’re thrilled to share Wye Hill Brewing with you all.